The Rusling 



Paul Rusling was very lucky and had SIX siblings
-  three brothers and three sisters. 
All were born within a dozen or so years of each other.

The Rusling Family

David Rusling         Barbara Rusling

Paul Alexander Rusling

Lynne Beverley Rusling

Robert George Rusling

Peter David Rusling

Pamela Elsie May Rusling

Christopher Andrew Rusling

Alison Fay Rusling

Rusling family, three gereations, at Barbara's 60th.
`Radio Caroline ship the Mi Amigo
Alison is the youngest of the Rusling family, but she was also born on a very auspicious day. The very day that the Radio Caroline South ship, the Mi Amigo, ran aground on the beach at Frinton. The very same radio ship  that her eldest brother, Paul Rusling (but a bit better known as DJ Paul Alexander), would later launch his radio career on.
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The Rusling family gathered at Hockneys for Mum's 60th birthday in 1990.