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David and Barbra Rusling
Paul Rusling was born to Barbara and David Rusling, both originally from Hull, in Bridlingtion in 1953  They had six other children: three boys and three girls. 
See Rusling siblings for details. 
Paul's Mother, BARBARA was born in Severn Street in East Hull, well before WW2, and had a brother called GEORGE. He was a schoolteacher at Eastfield School in Hull and later (in the sixties) at Filey County Secondary School. Barbara worked as a receptionist at Rediffusion in the 1950s, and 30 years later was doing the same job just half a mile away at J T Scotneys in Sculcoates Lane.

The Simpsons!

Barbara's parents were called Robert And Elsie and both came from St Mark's Street in east central Hull. Bob Simpson was well known in football circles and was the Hon. Secretary of the ERCFA for almost fifty years, as well as having been a referee and a promising left winger in his youth. He worked for many years as a shipbuilder (at Earl's shipyard) and as a steel erector being patrt of the team that built many of Hull's famous landmarks including the old bus station and the North Bridge.
Paul's father DAVID came from a  long established West Hull family who lived just off the Boulevard when he was born - almost a hundred years ago. His father George was a fish merchant at the height of Hull's fishing industry and David was the youngest of eleven children. David never knew his Mother, who died when he was very young. David was brought up by his sisters, especially Hilda and Winnie, who even arranged him to be married when he was fifteen.
Surprise Wedding
He got quite a surprise when he came back from a trip in the merchant Navy to find he was marrying Edna, the following week!  The marriage didnt last, although it was a fruitful one with four children by the time they were divorced in the 1950s. 
David then met Barbara Simpson and Paul Rusling was their first child; the first in a brood of seven!  They lived at Dunsewell with Barbara's parents and then moved to Linnaeus Street  where they lived with the Normingtons, who were David's cousins.  In the late 1950s the Ruslings moved to Wellsted Street further along Hessle Road and then in 1970 they moved to Fitzroy Street off Beverley Road.
As the family grew and the children began leaving home to set up their own families, Barbara and David moved to Goddard Avenue where David died in the 1990s.
Barbara later married Bill Woodford, who worked at the Yorkshire Water Board all his life and lived at  (461) James Reckit Avenue in East Hull, just a mile from where she was born. Barbara  lived there until she passed away in 2013 when she was 83 years old. 
She is missed every day - she would have loved her great grandchildren!
Anne was an only child and was also born in East Hull at her Aunty Ivy's house in Severn Street. This was the very same street where Paul's mother Barbara had been born, twenty three years earlier.
Gladys' family were called Maltby and they originated in Holderness, where her cousins are still farming today in the hamlet of Fitling, between Hornsea and Withernsea.
Anne's father Cyril was the son of one of Hull's best-known brass-founders, Ben Pyrah.  He lived in Goddard Avenue until well into his 90s, although they had lived in Cranbrook Avenue for a time. 
Cyril worked in the hospitals, mainly at the Victoria Childrens' Hospital in Park Street. He served in the British Army in World War 2 seeing active service in Egypt, Palestine and in Norway.
In those days it was unusual for the father to attend a birth, so Anne's father CYRIL can probably be excused for only getting half the message that his wife GLADYS had been delivered of a little girl. Cyril put the notice of Anne's birth in the local paper as "a son - JOHN."  (Don't make the mistake of ever calling Anne by the name 'John' though, she won't be amused!)
Unfortunately Cyril and Gladys had no further children and Anne's Mum Gladys died when Anne was only 11 years old.
Gladys's sister, IVY and an Aunt on her Father's side,  DORA, both helped bring Anne up, along with help from Anne's Grandad, Ben Pyrah.
The Pyrah family line lives on via Anne's daughter Dawn now has two daughters - Verity and Zara. 
Gladys and Anne Pyrah
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Pyrah Brothers Brass Foundry

The Pyrah Brothers

Ben and his brother Sam ran a brass foundry in Edward's Place, just off Waterhouse Lane in Hull. They made ship's engine parts for vessels moored in the adjacent Prince's Dock. This is now obscured by a shopping centre that was built over it, called Prince's Quay.
The view of the foundtrry below could show one of the Pyrah ladies stood outside - the family are all very tall, including today's descendants.  Anne and Dawn are 5'10", Ben is well over 6 foot and Verity is heading that way too!
The Pyrah family  

Gladys and Anne Pyrah

David and Barbara Rusling

The Rusling family